Sustainable Industrial Design And Waste Management


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The current methods of dealing with medical waste, agricultural waste, industrial trash, and municipal garbage are causing serious damage to the environment. The primary aim of this book is to preserve natural resources by the near-complete exploitation of all waste kinds through the application of cradle-to-grave principles and the methodology of Industrial Ecology, supported by examples of its application. Establishing the concept of industrial ecology is crucial for achieving sustainable development and environmental preservation. The book will go through the most important resources for building Industrial Ecology and sustainable growth. The term “industrial ecology” refers to the practice of managing and operating industrial systems in a manner that mimics that of natural ecosystems, intending to minimize their negative effects on the natural world. This book promotes eco-friendly practices such as reducing human impact on the planet as we develop sustainably and preserve our natural resources. It addresses the wide variety of trash produced by modern society and recommends methods for repurposing that garbage by cradle-to-cradle principles, thereby reducing the need for landfills, incinerators, and other forms of waste treatment.

Dr. D. Meena S. Rao, Rohit Choudhary, Dr. Mohd. Shaikhul Ashraf, Er. Ankeshit Srivastava






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