Teacher Education: Methods And Perspective

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Methods and Perspective of Teacher Education refers to the policies and practices created to provide aspiring teachers the information, attitudes, behaviours, and abilities they need to carry out their duties successfully in the classroom, school, and larger community. The development of a teacher’s proficiency and competency is the focus of a program called teacher education. This program equips teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to fulfil the demands of their profession and take on its difficulties. In order to improve educator’s ability to organize and deliver instruction, offer appropriate reinforcement, and perform successful assessment, it is necessary to equip them with training and experience in a variety of methods, approaches, and tactics.According to this book the effective classroom management techniques, the creation and utilization of teaching materials, and communication abilities are all part of it. Pedagogical theory encompasses philosophical, social, and psychological factors that provide educators with a solid foundation on which to build their classroom practices.
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Dr. P.R.V.N. Kesava Kumar, Dr. Kavita Padegaonkar, Dr. Dinesh Hukum Singh Thakur, Dr. Gomatam Mohana Charyulu

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2 reviews for Teacher Education: Methods And Perspective

  1. G Sreerama Murthy

    I have gone through the book it is highly informative and also useful to the students and researcher

  2. G Sreerama Murthy

    the book is good and helpful for B. Ed students

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