Teacher Education: Methods, Techniques And Learning


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In order to have a successful educational system, one must first have well-trained educators. To be successful, it requires a training program for a teacher that produces graduates with the knowledge and abilities to succeed in the classroom. How to Educate Teachers, Enhance Teacher Education Programs, and Provide High-Quality Instruction is a book about just that: training teachers. Here, this book covers every aspects thoroughly, Starting with the stakeholders of education, correspondence and its types, problems and challenges teacher’s faces, different teaching methods, microteaching, Block teaching and scheduling, workload lesson plan, Teacher’s training and development and also covering the need of teacher’s concluding with general and modern methods of teaching. This book can be a guide to the new teacher’s or the students who are interested in becoming one.

Dr. M.Vanisree, Dr. Monalisa Halder, Priyanka Malhotra, Prof. Padmakar S. Gadage






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