Text Book Of Medical Physiology And Human Anatomy


Anatomy is the study of human body structure, including size, form, composition, and perhaps coloring. Physiology is the study of how the human body works. The physiology of red blood cells, for example, comprises what these cells do, how they do it, and how it relates to how the rest of the body functions. Anatomy and physiology are inextricably linked. Red blood cells, for example, include the mineral iron in molecules of the protein hemoglobin; this is an element of their architecture. This book contains a detailed analysis of physiology and human anatomy divided into five chapters, each of which contains a wide range of topics embedded in them. with the first chapter encapsulating the primary introduction to the human body, different levels of organization such as: cellular level and tissue level. The second chapter is devoted to the study of the human body’s integumentary system and skeletal system, which includes numerous bones and their joints. The third chapter was fully dedicated to the operation of bodily fluids such as blood and the lymphatic system. Finally, the fourth and fifth chapters go through the peripheral nervous system, several specific senses in the human body, the heart in depth, and other key body components.
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Mr. Gandra Sridhar Rao, Dr. Neelkanth M. Pujari, Dr. Rupali Yadav, Mrs. Amrita Shukla

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