The Science Of Psychology


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The science of psychology was prepared for the purpose of educating and informing readers about the present state of psychological knowledge and about anticipated advances in behavioural science research and practice. This book is the most recent contribution in a long tradition of the presentation of an account of the important historical developments and landmarks in the field of psychology. One of the book’s main aims is to help students better understand themselves so that they may better react to the requirements and problems of the modern world. Its goal is to help students acquire the knowledge and abilities they’ll need to successfully navigate the demands of the working world. With that in mind, this curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and abilities they’ll need to adapt to a dynamic world, both in and out of the classroom and the workplace. By providing research and examples from a wide range of sociocultural contexts, this book aims to make psychology a more engaging and approachable subject for the wide range of students that enrol in this course. This has led to a comprehensive book that provides students with a wide range of engaging psychological themes.

Dr. Sumita Singh, Dr. Gurpreet Kour Chhabra, Swapnil Rumita Jana, Dr. Shalini Verma






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