Understanding Machine Learning


Machine learning (ML) is a subfield of AI that allows computers to self-learn from data sets without being specifically designed for this purpose. Algorithms that use machine learning can analyse data and figure out what to expect in the future based on what they’ve learned. In a nutshell, algorithms and models used in machine learning acquire knowledge via repetition and experimentation. Traditional programming entails a computer engineer writing a set of instructions for a computer to follow in order to convert a given set of input data into a specified set of output data. Most commands follow an IF-THEN format: the computer does something when a given condition is satisfied. Yet, computers may learn from their own experiences and solve issues with little human intervention via a process called machine learning. Machine learning artificial intelligence are often confused, although they are really very distinct. Machine learning is a branch of AI that allows intelligent systems to independently learn new things from data, although AI as a whole refers to robots that can make choices, acquire new skills, and solve problems in a human-like fashion.
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Dr. Pinaki Ghosh, Dr. S.Kiran, Dr. J Mahalakshmi, Dr. SK Althaf Hussain Basha

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