Value Education And NEP 2022


“Value education” is the process through which individuals and communities instill moral values in one another. There are many different values, and they can be categorized depending on their level of significance. In this world of confusion and chaos, which is further enhanced by injustice, values are the only thing that have the ability to channelize in the appropriate direction. An education in values is thus an antidote for a mind that is confused. The values that a person upholds are analogous to the rails that hold a train in place and allow it to go smoothly, rapidly, and in the desired direction. Individuals are driven to have a high regard for themselves and their characteristics by the values that lie deep inside them. The purpose of this book is to provide a concise introduction to the education system in India, with particular attention paid to the new education policy and value education. The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has presented the National Educational policy for the year 2000, also known as NEP-goso, to the people of the contemporary country. The NEP-2020 initiative has resulted in increased value for libraries of all types and levels, including public and academic libraries. The new strategy placed an emphasis on the library system’s infrastructure, its services, and its operations. The new strategy also incorporates Information and Communication Technology (ICT) digital, online, and other forms of facilities and services that are one of a kind and available to all different kinds of readers throughout the country
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Dr. Ranjit Kaur, Dr. Lavudya Thirupathi, Dr. Bhawna Sangeet, Prof. Vijay Kumar Sharma

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