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Yoga is an ancient art form that focuses on developing the mind, body, and spirit in harmony with one another An austere Hindu practice comprising regulated breathing, certain postures, and meditation that aims to bring the practitioner to a higher mental, emotional, or physical condition. It’s understandable and inevitable that you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of modern life. And every day that goes by, you try to figure out how to get over this. A new way of living is emerging as a result of yoga’s resurgence. Everyone has the right to a healthy life. However, personal, societal, and ecological contexts all have a role in the exercise of this freedom. We may improve our immune system and our sense of self so that we are less affected by other illnesses and can attain excellent health, in addition to the role that environmental or social variables play. The idea of health is optimistic. Being in good health involves more than just the absence of illness; it also involves a state of mind that is both upbeat and active, as well as a level of general tolerance and the ability to quickly establish immunity against particular offenders. Yoga is a very effective, non pharmaceutical therapeutic method. There are various scientific explanations and presentations of its unique idea of health and wellbeing. As a way of life, yoga may help us stay physically and mentally fit. If yoga were taught in schools, it may help students develop lifelong healthy routines and attitudes.
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Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal, Dr. Richa Mahajan (PT), Dr. Arup Das,Dr. Kanika Sethi

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