Zoology: Animal Distribution, Evolution And Development


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Zoology is a subfield of biology that focuses on the study of different species within the animal kingdom as well as animal life in general. Both the study of individual animals and their component components, down to the molecular level, as well as the study of animal populations, whole faunas, and the interactions of animals with one another, plants, and the nonliving environment, are included in this field of study. The conceptual integration that has taken place in the contemporary study of living things over the past few years has placed more of an emphasis on the structural and functional unity of life rather than on the diversity of life. Although this wide range of studies does result in some specialities within zoology being isolated from one another. The term “fauna” refers to all of the many kinds of animal species that inhabit a certain area at a particular period. Flora is the word used to refer to plant life, whereas funga is the word used to refer to fungal life. The term “biota” refers to all kinds of life, including flora, fauna, funga, and any other forms of life. The term “fauna” is used by zoologists and palaeontologists to refer to the usual collection of creatures that may be found in a certain period or location. For example, “Sonoran Desert fauna” or “Burgess Shale fauna” are both examples of this term. Palaeontologists will often speak of a succession of faunal stages, which is a series of rocks that all contain the same kinds of fossils at the same period. The field of study known as faunistic examines creatures native to a given area. The distribution of animals on earth may be broken down into three categories: land, water, and time. The first two categories are dispersed in space, while the third category is distributed in time. Many things regarding the animals, their distribution and so many other things are discussed in detail across the many chapters and topics that are included in this book. The author of this book decided to includ

Dr. Konkala Anand, Dr. Poonam Yadav, Ms. Sagaya Sowmya A, Ms. Preeti Manan






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