A Text Book of Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control



Contemporary science is not simple. There are complex interrelationships between the various scientific disciplines that contribute to the comprehension of virtually every scientific issue and phenomenon. Those Renaissance times, when an individual could acquire a substantial amount of knowledge at their disposal, are long since passed. This is not attributable to a deficiency in individual capability, but rather to the exponential growth of knowledge that is emblematic of our era. Environmental Science, and Environmental Chemistry in particular, is utterly engrossed in this situation.In the past, environmental chemistry adopted a reactive stance, wherein issues were identified and remedied subsequent to their occurrence, such as when a catastrophe occurred or when the consequences were readily apparent to the environment—such as when vegetation and animals were killed, air and water conditions depleted, or visibility was lost—or when the stratospheric ozone layer was depleted. Thus, “virtually everything that occurs in the world could be classified as environmental chemistry.”

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Dr. Harendra K. Sharma, Dr. Jayashree B Tirpude, Dr. Yogita K Meshram, Dr. Priyadarshini P Chahande

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