A Text Book of Tourism and Hospitality Management



This landmark book delves into the complex web of the hospitality and tourist industry, one of the fastest-growing in the world. This book presents a thorough examination of the fundamentals, tactics, and advancements that establish achievement in the field of hospitality and tourism administration. It is suitable for professionals, students, and enthusiasts.
The book commences by establishing a strong groundwork, acquainting readers with fundamental principles of service excellence, strategic administration of tourism enterprises, and hospitality operations. The section then examines the various aspects of the industry in depth, discussing current challenges and opportunities. Every chapter of the book offers a comprehensive comprehension of the factors that are currently and will continue to influence the field, ranging from ethical digital technologies to sustainable tourism practices.
This book distinguishes itself through its integration of conceptual frameworks and practical implementations, providing readers with a comprehensive outlook on the field. The content, which is brimming with perspectives from seasoned experts and academics, is intended to cultivate critical thinking skills and ignite a deep appreciation for the intricate nature of hospitality and tourism enterprise management.
This book provides invaluable guidance through the captivating realm of Tourism and Hospitality Management, catering to a wide range of readers, including seasoned managers seeking to remain updated on trends, students aspiring to enter the industry, and academics interested in pioneering research.

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Dr. Seram Sureshkumar Singh

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