Advance Computer Networks


This book primarily focuses on the principles, topologies, and protocols used in modern network systems such as the Internet, wireless and mobile networks, high-performance networks, or data centre networks One of the most in-demand skills in today’s information technology industry is familiarity with networking Designed after receiving feedback from leading organizations in the business. The Data Link Layer is the foundation upon which the Network Layer, Transport Layer, and Application Layer are built Cryptography and other forms of network security. The majority of the essential network technologies, services, or protocols that are widely used in modern networks are discussed in detail in the book “Advanced Computer Network.” The subjects discussed in the book include: Standards for Optical Networking (SONET/SDH, DWDM). Packet Switching (SMDS, ATM), and the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) RIP, OSPF, BGP. MOSPF, and DVMRP are all Internet routing protocols; SNMP is a network management protocol; traffic engineering and capacity planning are also covered; RTP and RSVP are Internet multimedia protocols and standards: DMZ, NAT. Proxy Server, Prot forwarding,& Packet Filtering as Network Security Best Practices; Multimedia over the Internet Protocols and Standards; in addition to the Design of the Backbone Network.
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Dr. Akhilesh A. Waoo, Dr. Virendra Kumar Tiwari Dr. J Mahalakshmi, Sheetal Nilesh Kapse

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