Advanced Pharmacology


While drugs are the foundation of treatment in human diseases, pharmacology is medical science that serves as the profession’s backbone. In order to optimise the advantages and reduce the hazards of drugs for recipients, it is crucial to explain the pharmacological foundation of treatments. This book on pharmacology is mainly intended for under-graduate health science students, including those majoring in health officer, nursing, midwifery, and laboratory technology. Nonetheless, many of the topics covered here should be of interest to other “health professionals” whose work includes drug therapy or similar fields. An understanding of the underlying scientific principles of the pharmacology is intended to equip the practitioner. The effects of archetypal drugs on the physiological and pathological processes are clearly discussed to improve understanding. there is a short discussion of other drugs that are similar. Basic pharmacology; autonomic pharmacology; cardiovascular-renal pharmacology; drugs having key activities on the smooth muscle; the central nervous system drugs; gout, endocrine drugs; drugs utilized to treat inflammation, and diseases of the blood; chemotherapeutic drugs; toxicity; and special subjects.
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Mr. Raghunandan Hota, Mr. Prasenjit Mishra, Mr. Mayankesh Pandey, Mr. Manas Ranjan Dash

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