An introduction to Organizational Behaviour



“An Introduction to Organisational Behaviour” is a thorough and approachable examination of the multidimensional topic that investigates the complexities of human behaviour within organisational contexts. This book, written for students, professionals, and everyone interested in the intricacies of workplace dynamics, gives a detailed introduction to key principles and current concerns in organisational behaviour. The book starts by laying a solid foundation for readers, taking them through the key concepts that control human behaviours, motives, and relationships within organisations. It gradually broadens its scope to include group dynamics, leadership, communication, and the larger impact of organisational culture. The holistic approach guarantees that readers obtain a thorough grasp of the elements that influence behaviour at all levels of an organisational structure. One distinguishing element of this book is its emphasis on relevance in the rapidly changing environment of contemporary workplaces. It discusses current themes such as the influence of technology, the dynamics of remote work, and the importance of diversity and inclusion. As a result, the book provides readers with insights and viewpoints to help them negotiate the complexity and difficulties of today’s work world. To connect theoretical principles with practical application, real-world examples and case studies are smoothly incorporated across the chapters. These illustrated scenarios provide readers concrete examples of how organisational behaviour concepts materialize in real-world organisational environments. The book also promotes active participation via activities, conversations, and situations meant to stimulate critical thinking and improve idea application.

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Dr. L. Santhana Raj

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