An Introduction To Pharmaceutical Sciences


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Pharmaceutics, a branch of pharmacy focused on drug development, examines all dimensions of the transformation of a novel chemical entity into a reliable therapeutic. Formulation of pharmaceutical dosage forms is the scientific domain of pharmaceutics. Pure drug substances are formulated into dosage forms, and this is the area of study known as pharmaceutics. Pharmaceutics is the scientific study of the development, production, and evaluation of safe and effective pharmacological dosage forms. In the prior lesson, we learned about both communicable and non-communicable diseases. Effective medication administration is something we’ll be looking at in this section. Taking a drug without anybody else around is quite uncommon. They are included in a formulation with other inert ingredients. These fillers and additives aren’t drugs, yet they do provide a useful role. Drugs in the dosage form are administered in a measured amount, or dose, over a predetermined time frame. For each medical condition, there is a different formulation of these pills. The dosage form should not decay while being stored, thus proper packaging is also crucial. For the drug’s active ingredient to remain in usable condition until it reaches the user, it must be packaged properly.





Dr. Sadhu Venkateswara Rao, Dr. Kantamneni Padmalatha, Mrs. P.M.M. Naga Lakshmi Varma






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