Applied Entomology and Concepts in Pest Management



The field of study known as entomology examines insects and their interactions with both people and their natural surroundings. The sectors of agriculture, biology, human and animal health, etc., are only a few that benefit greatly from the work of entomologists. The study of arthropods that pose a threat to human health, agricultural production, and domesticated animals is known as “agricultural entomology.” These arthropods may cause damage by direct assaults, disease transmission, or other indirect means.This introductory entomology guide is intended to give students who are just starting out in the field or who plan to make entomology their major the foundational knowledge they need to succeed in their studies and in the field as a whole. This book provides a comprehensive overview of entomology, both theoretical and practical. Sampling methods, insect preservation, insect appearance and morphology, insect larvae and pupae, pesticides, pest control equipment and its care, and the characteristics of several orders of insects are all discussed.
Amateur entomologists, students, and professional entomologists who are intrigued by the diversity and aesthetic appeal of insects could have found this resource beneficial. Insect research is fundamental to numerous scientific disciplines, including epidemiology, biological diversity, crop identification, chemical and biological pest management, food and fibre storage, and fibre production and storage.

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Dr. Konkala Anand

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