“Artificial Intelligence Origin, Trends And Applications”


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking an increasingly important role in our society. The effect of artificial intelligence is transforming everything from transportation to communication to entertainment to consumer apps to even medical devices. This field is essential in the modern world since robots may now display complex cognitive abilities including as decision-making, learning and seeing the environment behaviour prediction and language processing. When used property, Al has the potential to improve many aspects of life. This book covers not only the various potential uses but also the latest developments difficulties, and prospects in this exciting held, There has been a lot of development in many machine learning approaches, and artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an essential role in the fourth industrial revolution The engineering profession makes extensive use of Al methods to address a broad variety of previously intractable issues. The purpose of this book is to bring together developed form scientists, researchers, and academics to discuss all aspects of artificial intelligence and share their findings with one another and the wider scientific community. The book serves as a leading multidisciplinary forum for discussing real-world problems and the solutions that have been implemented to address them.
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Dr. Thomas Abraham J. V. , Dr. Sharath Kumar Jagannathan, Dr. A Muralidhar, Imad Uddin

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