Basic Electronics Engineering


Basic Electronics Engineering provides a thorough explanation of the field’s basic ideas, methods, and tools. Almost all Indian technical institutes and several international institutions use this book to teach their introductory electronics course. Undergraduates in any branch of engineering will find it extremely useful. The fundamentals of circuit analysis and electrical devices are the exclusive emphasis of this text. The work focuses on fundamental understanding of circuit theory’s underlying concepts. It’s divided up into seven sections, each of which has its own unique focus while also contributing to a larger technological whole. Digital electronics, digital computers, and digital systems are covered in detail, as are the basics of circuitry, alternating current (AC) circuits, diode applications, semi-conductor diodes and transistors, and operational amplifiers and circuits. It provides sufficiently deep understanding of this subject for students to interact intelligently with other engineers.
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Dr. Aruna Bansal, Dr. L. Radhika Rani,Dr. N. Chandrakant Joshi, Dr. C. Bala Subramanian

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