Basics Of Physical Education, Health And Sports


People are always fighting with obesity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the environment in which we live. Physical education, health, and sports provide a chance for people understand the significance of being physically active and healthy, as well as the requirements for doing so. We need Sports, Health, and Physical Education in our schools so that students may adopt a healthy lifestyle early on and maintain it throughout their lives. Sports also play a vital part in a person’s physical health since they entail strenuous physical activities that aid in maintaining health over time. An ordinary person or athlete must enjoy being physically active and have the necessary abilities to be physically active; sports and physical education will assist accomplish this. A person may learn about which exercises to do for how long, how to treat an injury sustained while engaging in sport or other physical activity, which activities are beneficial, and what their body goes through during physical activities by studying health. Physical education provides not only the opportunity to be physically active, but also the chance to develop confidence, a healthy lifestyle, and a variety of movement abilities, as well as the potential to live a satisfied life. Physical Education is essential because it enables people to flourish in their particular sports, in work, and with injury management and first aid skills.
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Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal, Dr. Ramdas R. Jadhav, Dr. T.V.S. Padmaja, Prahlad Rai

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