Biochemical Applications In Forensics


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Forensic biochemistry is the branch of biochemistry that deals with solving crimes. The biochemical method of DNA fingerprinting is often used for this kind of study. Since sequencing technology became available, genetic markers might be used to uniquely identify individuals within a group. The employment of such methods, however, requires extreme care due to the gravity of the consequences. The field of forensics makes use of scientific methods to provide evidence in court. Crime is usually involved, though not always. Forensic biochemists are sometimes called upon to investigate the history of an unknown material, establish biological kinship between individuals, or monitor the progression of an illness. A career in forensic biochemistry requires dedication and perseverance, but it pays off in the end. To do well in this field, one has not just to be ethical and truthful but also patient and detail-oriented. This book covers all the topics related to biochemistry in forensics science like Basic Principles and Significance of Forensic Science, scene of investigation, Biological science and its application in investigation, Establishment of identity of individuals, Biochemical basis for determination of cause of death, Chemical science and its application in investigation, Blood splatter analysis, Recent advances in forensics, Facial reconstruction, DNA Finger Printing, Mass disaster and other forensic case work etc.

Mr. Anil Vishwambhar Shinde, Dr. Haribhau Machindra Pawar, Ms. Gitanjali Dass, Dr. Sudhakar V Chate






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