Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology / As Per PCI – ER 2020


The Biochemistry and Pathology for Clinical Use book was developed with the needs of second-year pharmacy learners in mind. The book includes both theoretical and practical material, as well as MCQs, covering the complete new PCI curriculum. The field of medicine known as “clinical biochemistry” is concerned with the analysis of chemical levels in bodily fluids including blood, feces, urine, and various other tissues for the diagnosis of disease. A patient’s prognosis, treatment options, and diagnosis may all benefit from these tests’ findings. Professionals in the field of clinical biochemistry have a doctorate degree in science and further post-doctoral study in laboratory medicine. In order to give the best possible treatment to their patients, clinical biochemists work tirelessly to guarantee that all biochemical test findings are reliable, accurate, and exact. Clinical biochemists are in charge of overseeing the whole testing procedure, from pre-analytical to post-analytical, in terms of quality control. This book covers a wide range of topics, from carbohydrates to proteins to lipids to nucleic acids to enzymes to vitamins to metabolism to minerals to electrolytes to biotechnology to organ function tests to the pathology of the urine and blood throughout thirteen distinct chapters. The breadth of biochemistry, as well as the makeup and functions of the cell, are introduced in an introductory course in biochemistry. The chapter explains how carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids all have their own unique metabolic pathways.
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Dr. C.S. Sharma, Dr. Harsh Bhardwaj, Dr. Dinesh Jindal, Mr. Vipin Kumar Singhal

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