Botany: Taxonomy Of Angiosperms & Biosystem


This book is intended for all levels of botanists and students taking a local flora course. For the reason that the botany is a larger subject, the book’s scope is limited to angiosperms and plant bio-systems. It is intended to provide sufficient information to enable an understanding of plant taxonomy, comprehension of various contemporary classification systems, comprehension of fundamental principles of plant nomenclature, and appreciation of the mechanics of plant identification, including the preparation and preservation of herbarium specimens. Taxonomy is a difficult topic. It is, nevertheless, founded on knowledge and comprehension of plant morphology and anatomy, cytology, genetics, paleontology, and plant geography. This book is meant to let non-taxonomists utilize a handbook or flora that accounts for the plants in any place. A reader, on the other hand, would find this book highly useful in learning topics such as taxonomic hierarchy and Linnaeus classification. The process of plant nomenclature, herbarium preparation and maintenance are also included. This not only focus on biological processes but, also the standardizing authority such as ICBN, are explored in detail, and the book is presented in such a way that understanding the ideas in the material requires little effort.
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Dr. Vatsala Tomar, Dr. Mohd. Shaikhul Ashraf , Kaushal Kumar, Dr. Mohammad Nafees Iqbal

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