ChatGPT: Comprehensive Study On Generative AI Tool


This book provides a thorough introduction to two cutting-edge technologies known as Generative AI and ChatGPT. Both of these technologies have received much attention in recent years. Generative AI and ChatGPT can completely reshape sectors and society as a whole by increasing productivity and innovation and making it possible to have more tailored experiences. The natural language processing tool, ChatGPT, powered by artificial intelligence technology, enables you to engage in human-like conversation with the chatbot and provides several other benefits. The language model can answer inquiries and assist with activities such as the composition of emails, essays, and code. This book aims to give a comprehensive overview of the technologies, architectures, and training techniques mentioned above, including their history, the process by which they were developed, and their present status. This book assists in discovering novel applications of these technologies that have been put into practice to generate quantifiable advantages, such as increased efficiency, customer happiness, security, and revenue growth. The book also discusses the book’s potential applicability across a variety of sectors and use cases.
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Midhun Moorthi C, Dr. K. Vimala Devi, Dr. V. Manjula, Tareek Pattewar

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