Community Pharmacy and Management As Per PCI – ER 2020


Community Pharmacy and Management is the area of pharmacy that deals with the process of changing a New Chemical Entity (NCE) or an existing drug into a medication that patients can use in a manner that is both safe and effective. This procedure can be carried out on an existing pharmaceutical. In this field of study, which is also known as dosage form design science, students learn numerous approaches to the process of formulating a drug. A great number of substances have pharmacological properties, but the majority of them need to be handled in a particular way to achieve therapeutically relevant concentrations at their sites of action. The relationship between the composition of medications, their distribution throughout the body, and their elimination from it is helped by pharmaceutics. This book has been produced to provide theoretical knowledge in an operational way on processes, strategies, and methods that are utilized to preserve the management & dignity of community pharmacists. This book covers a lot of different facets of community pharmacy practice and does a good job of narrating the professional responsibilities that community pharmacists have when they are dealing with prescription drugs and other medications. In addition, you will be able to acquire a vast amount of information on the fields of patient counselling, health screening, medication adherence, working with over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, and much more on the administration of community pharmacies.
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Prof. (Dr.) Vishal Garg, Dr. Pratap Singh Jadon, Dr. Narendra Sharma, Mr. Lokesh Gautam

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