Concept Of Artificial Intelligence


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Artificial intelligence (AI), like any other emerging technology, necessitates discussions about its responsibilities and ethical implications. An AI practitioner, particularly one focused on practical areas of the field, is aware of the technology’s limitations and potential problems; as a result, he discusses them without exaggeration and makes projections of measured scope; that is, he discusses realistic application forms of AI, rather than scenarios that sound like they belong in science fiction films. After all, the biggest problems caused by improper use of such technology are caused by the users, not the technology. If a AI system is well-coded, it will have few negative effects and provide beneficial results. The approaches of artificial intelligence (AI) are made more accessible to data scientists in general by the succession of strong frameworks and libraries described in this book. Furthermore, AI has progressed and varied to the point that it can now compete well with traditional data science approaches. The improved availability of computational resources, in particular computational power, is largely responsible for this. This is made possible by the decreasing price and increasing ease with which graphics processing units (GPUs) can be added to a computer. It is not necessary for the reader to have any prior knowledge of computer science in order to use this book as a reference for self-study purposes. This book serves as an introduction to the topic of computer intelligence and gives readers access to the most recent advancements in knowledge based systems & computational intelligence. Rule-based expert systems, frame based expert systems, (ANN) artificial neural networks and knowledge engineering are all included.

Dr. Araddhana Arvind Deshmukh, Nalinakshi M, G. Avinash, Dr. S.Radhimeenakshi






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