Cryptography and Network Security


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The book is organized to cover the essential areas of the subject Cryptography & Network Security. The book’s straightforward style makes it ideal for beginners who want to learn the basics of the topic. The book presents a methodical approach to breaking down complex ideas and concepts into manageable chunks. book covers the essential design and implementation aspects of several cryptographic algorithms & network security protocols used to enforce network security. Complete visuals and examples are provided for each chapter. This book focuses on a specific aspect of information security, namely the methodical examination of IP-based network security. This book provides a technique for assessing your network’s security by walking you through examples of how an attacker might probe your network for vulnerabilities. A better preventative approach to risk management may be achieved by evaluating networks in the same manner that a dedicated attacker would. In order to assist you formulate a coherent technical strategy and strengthen your settings at the network layers. Concepts in cryptography & network security are illustrated with several illustrations and examples all through the book.


Dr. Manoj Kumar Chande, Mr. Ingilela Ravi Shireesh, Ms. Mopuru Bhargavi, Dr. Shweta Singh






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