CSR practices in Bhel Bhopal


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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an intriguing modern phenomenon. Since the development of corporate capitalism, owners and managers have been called upon to adopt ‘responsible’ business practices, that is, practices which can help society overcome its problems (for example, poverty, inequalities, harsh labour conditions, corruption, environmental degradation) while also benefitting companies thanks to enhanced public trust and legitimacy. With more or less willingness, companies have answered this call by dedicating resources to show their ‘responsible’ commitment to social welfare and progress, beyond the normal course of business and abidance to law. In India, where economic reforms starting in the 1980s have initiated a development strategy based in large part on private industrial growth, with extensive political support to large companies and a significant relaxation of regulatory constraints, the questions raised by CSR have become particularly salient. This book covers all this questions and queries along with several other aspects of CSR. Those starting on their CSR journey Focusing on both the bottom-line and reputational benefits of implementing a CSR strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility delivers a mix of theory and tactics. This book focuses on guidance for companies wanting to implement corporate social responsibility initiatives and measure their social and economic impact. Also, it provides a complete understanding over all the aspects, factors, benefits and challenges of CSR.



Dr. Seema Kumari






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