Electric Vehicles



Hybrid and electric vehicles have achieved widespread recognition and international acceptance in the automotive industry. However, their complete capacity to enter the automotive industry remains unrealized, despite the growing recognition of the worldwide warming issue resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels. This is due, in part, to the perennial abundance and low cost of fossil fuels, which are utilised in vehicles with conventional internal combustion engines. There is no indication that the abundance of hydrocarbon fuels will diminish for decades, or even centuries.
That being said, EVs and hybrids will only take over the car industry if they meet consumers’ current and future demands with superior goods. This book is designed to cover topics that are applicable to both senior undergraduate and graduate level courses. It is highly recommended for individuals who have a foundation in electrical, control, and dynamics engineering. A number of introductory segments furnish crucial contextual details regarding vehicle technologies, including propulsion, powertrain, body, and chassis, as well as the progression of automotive technology design from traditional automobiles to the current HEV and EV models that are operational on roadways.

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Mrs. Bathala Neeraja

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