Energy & Environmental Engineering


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It contrasts established technology with cutting-edge ones that are just now becoming commonplace, such as carbon dioxide sequestration and photochemical processes. Due to human influence, pollutants in the environment are growing daily. To enhance the health of people, animals, and plants, it is now vital to develop ways to remove these dangerous chemicals from the environment. As a tool for honing professional abilities, several case studies from the domains of air, water, and soil engineering offer practical solutions to issues with pollution prevention and treatment. This book introduces an innovative, integrated approach to environmental management that focuses on long-term sustainability and operates within the confines of international laws. It goes in-depth on the actions that contribute to the environment’s current state of decline. This book is a useful compendium of subjects, covering everything from the most fundamental to the most sophisticated developments in this area. The article aims to provide information on the many methods environmental engineers use to stop water pollution, including municipal water supply, industrial waste water treatment, etc. To offer a balanced overview of environmental engineering in this book, the topic of environmental ethics is merged with technical concepts. Additionally, every kind of environmental problem, including wastewater treatment, ecosystem dynamics, and air pollution control, is thoroughly presented in the book.





Dr. Hitesh Shingadia, Dr. S. Manimegalai, L. Karthick, Dr. Saurav






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