Entrepreneurial Finance : A Complete Guide For Entrepreneur


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An original text that demystifies the financial aspects of starting a business. Structured on firm academic groundwork from a wide range of subjects, it begins with the fundamentals and advances to increasingly complex topics throughout time. It examines issues from a worldwide viewpoint and offers actionable recommendations for business owners and financiers. To achieve their goals, most start-up businesses will need to regroup and reorganise many times. The onset of financial hardship happens when existing assets are inadequate to cover immediate debts. Reorganizing business or asset activities or renegotiating loan interest and planned principal payments is a common strategy for easing financial strain. One of the primary incentives for learning about and using entrepreneurial finance is the ability to foresee and prevent financial difficulties. Read this book if you want to learn how venture capital works. The writers deftly integrate knowledge from a wide range of disciplines, including business, economics, management, psychology, and law. They explain the topic in a clear and interesting way and provide several useful new tools.





Dr. Sonam Sharma, Mohammad Turaab Suhail, Ashish Gupta, Dr. Tapas Das






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