Environmental Health Management


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This book stands out from others in the development by putting an emphasis on environmental management rather than just documenting issues, issuing warnings, and expressing advocacy. From there, the book carries on to discuss more theoretical aspects of management and problem-solving, as well as future issues for our more globalised society. Understanding the meaning, scope, and function of environmental management is made clear in Environmental Health Management’s development of both developed and underdeveloped countries. The environmental concepts, problems, and methods of environmental management are first introduced, with subsequent chapters devoted to exploring these topics in more depth via the application of the concepts and methods introduced. This book examines environmental management from the perspective of emerging countries and the globalisation of the development process. There is a vast development of environmental managers working on various projects since environmental management is such a broad topic. Specialist environmental consultants working abroad tend to specialise in one area and use tried-and-true methods and equipment. While researchers in both developed and developing countries may do extensive theoretical study on a variety of topics, they are often less involved in the decision making process. Managers of the environment, whether in the private sector or the environmental sector, must prioritise. In the development process, there are many different types of stakeholders, including people, organisations, countries, and interest groups.





Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal, Dr. Venkateswarlu Gogana, Prof. Sanjay N Bharambe, Dr. R. Sanjeevi






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