Environmental Science: Planet And People


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The three most plentiful resources on Earth—land, air, and water—are essential to the continuation of life. However, the world is now confronted with one of the most contradictory circumstances in its history: how to sustainably feed a growing population while also preserving enough resources for the needs of the current population. There’s no denying that industrial and agricultural expansion, particularly in the twentieth century, has had devastating effects on the natural world. In a natural turn of events, the environment, rather than progress, has been the focus of attention on both the national and international stages. But it is encouraging to see the globe becoming aware of the threats posed by climate change and the loss of biodiversity. Many international conventions, summits, and treaties have been established during the last decade, and they have gained unprecedented attention from not just global leaders but also the average person. The world’s climate is changing, and although people may disagree about the severity and potential of these changes, they can’t dispute the fact that this is harming the planet’s flora and wildlife. While human activities that are harmful to the environment must be reduced, it is important to note that new technologies and industrial systems should be ecologically sustainable wherever feasible. There has to be a heightened awareness of environmental challenges in all spheres of society, including education (beginning with preschool), research, and policymaking. Environmental sciences need to be given more attention in educational and research institutions throughout the globe. However, there is a lack of excellent books and journals on the subject, a need that this book seeks to address.

Dr. Sunil Kumar Chhikara, Dr. Deepak Verma, Er. Vineet Kumar






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