Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology


Human anatomy is study of the body’s structures from a scientific perspective. A few of those structures are quite tiny, making the use of a microscope essential for their examination. It is simple to see, handle, measure, and weigh other, bigger structures. The Greek origin of the word for “anatomy” implies “to cut apart.” The study of human anatomy began with an emphasis on external observations, such as those of battle wounds. Later on, doctors were given permission to learn more by dissecting human corpses. Dissection is the process of separating parts of a body so that their individual properties and connections may be studied. Medical schools, anatomy classes, and pathology laboratories all make use of dissection today. However, several imaging methods have been created to allow for the observation of structures in live persons. Using these methods, doctors may see malignant tumors or broken bones inside a live patient. Anatomy, like most other branches of science, contains subfields. The major structures of body that can be seen without a microscope are the focus of gross anatomy. Since the prefix macro- implies “large,” gross anatomy is also known as macroscopic anatomy. On the other hand, the prefix “micro-” denotes “small,” thus microscopic anatomy is the investigation of structures that may be seen without a microscope but only under magnification. Both cytology (the study of cells), and histology (the study of tissues), fall under the umbrella of microscopic anatomy. Anatomists have been able to examine ever-smaller structures of the body as microscope technology has improved, from slices of massive structures like the heart to three-dimensional structures of huge molecules in the body
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Mrs. Parameswari Jagari, Rajesh.E, Dr. Amit Upadhyay, Dr. B.Premagowri

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