Essentials of Information Technology


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Computers have a profound impact on society. They’ve turned us into their pawns. Whether it’s the ticket desk, the microwave, or your automobile, we expect them to be there. To pursue one’s job objectives and operate successfully and efficiently, one must have at least the basic understanding of computer abilities. For now and tomorrow’s fast-changing computing world, computer literacy is both a need and a voice.

It’s an integral part of modern society. Everything it touches, from our everyday lives to the globe at large, is impacted, both positively and negatively. In today’s world, it’s normal to see new technology advancements. An example is internet & smartphones. We can only progress as a species if we keep coming up with new ideas. Misuse of technology, on the other hand, has been related to the mental health problems, attention deficit disorder, and worries about personal privacy.


Prof. Gopal Patidar, Prof. Kapil Dev Raghuwanshi, Dr. Ghanshyam Prasad Dubey, Prof. Puneet Himthani






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