Essentials of Research Methodology and Biostatistics Paperback


Essentials of Research Methodology and Biostatistics serve as an introduction to research and biostatistics, preparing learners to critically evaluate research studies and conduct their statistical analyses. The starting part of the book will be devoted to topics including research study classification, study design, experimental design, data measurement and analysis, and ethical research conduct. The book will introduce learners to the foundations of epidemiology, including bias, confounding, and standard epidemiology indicators. The middle part of the book is designed to serve learners who have had little to no prior exposure to biostatistical techniques. This book offers a review of fundamental statistical ideas to learners who have already attended a statistics course related to their study. Descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, p-values, sample size, and statistical power are just some of the fundamentals that will be covered in this primer. This book on research methodology and biostatistics addresses a wide range of related subjects, such as how to quantify illness prevalence using biostatistical methods and how to measure and scale techniques in research. Also covered in this book are the fundamentals of hypothesis testing and the methods for determining the validity and reliability of diagnostic and screening tests.
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Dr. Nasheer S. Shaikh, Dr. Aparark V Moholkar, Ms. Vijayananda K Khadkutkar, Mr. Sheshgiri N. Gada

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