Foundation Of Digital Image Processing


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The alteration of digital photographs by means of a digital computer is what is known as “digital image processing.” It is a branch of the area of signals and systems that focuses primarily on pictures. The Development of Image Processing (DIP) is primarily concerned with the creation of a computer system that is able to process images. This book covers all the fundamental aspects of image processing, which is important in a field that is evolving so quickly, like digital image processing. This book has been created around all of the established notions, and it provides a methodical approach to the processing of digital images by making use of concepts and general principles. A reader is provided with convenient and speedy access to the intricate topic of image processing in this way. This book introduces readers to the fundamentals of image processing. The purpose of this article is to provide the reader with an introduction to the style of thinking involved in digital image processing as well as some current research topics by providing a detailed treatment of certain areas. Examples and visual material are used wherever it is practicable to do so in order to illustrate fundamental ideas. It is presumed that the reader has some prior knowledge of basic matrices and the Fourier transform.


Mrs. F.V.Jayasudha, Dr. I.Rexiline Sheeba, Dr. K.Srilatha, Mrs. R.Sakthi Prabha






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