Foundation of Entomology



Entomologists are those who study insects, and because of their vast abundance, species diversity, and unique ecological and behavioural traits, their job is very broad. The purpose of this book is to serve as an introduction to the field of entomology. It provides clear clarifications and definitions of some chosen topics such as Introduction, Insect Morphology and Physiology, Classification of Insects, Insect Behaviour, Parasitism by Insects, Mites and Ticks, From Solitary to Social, Embryogenesis and Morphogenesis of Insects, Important Orders and Families of Agricultural Pests and Economic Importance of Insects, Predatation by Insects, Defoliating Insects, Sap-Sucking Insects, Gall Formers, and Mites, Bud, Shoot, Branch, and Terminal Insects, Insect Color Pigments, Apiculture and Meliponiculture, Entomophagy, Household Pests.
The scientific terms associated with insect anatomy are defined in extremely helpful definitions. The book concludes with an invaluable glossary of specialised terminology. This book will prove valuable to those who are graduating students, researchers, or educators seeking current information on various facets of microbial plant pathogens as well as the diseases they induce.

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Dr. Munazah Yaqoob

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