Fundamental Concepts Of Literary Devices In English Literature



“Fundamental Concepts of Literary Devices in English Literature” delves into the intricate mechanisms that give life to the written word in a scholarly and enlightening manner. Within the extensive realm of English literature, this book functions as a navigational tool, instructing readers on the fundamental components that contribute to the poetic prowess of the written word. The fundamental objective of the book is to provide readers—including students, academicians, literature enthusiasts, and aspiring writers—a thorough comprehension of the intricate realm of literary devices, thereby demystifying its intricacies and enabling readers to mould their narratives. Through an exploration of the foundational principles that support the profession, the book furnishes a strong basis for valuing and scrutinizing the intricacies of literature. Each chapter focuses on a different literary method, elucidating its core via simple explanations, thought-provoking examples, and practical applications. Readers will go on a trip that spans time and genre, whether investigating the emotive power of metaphors, the symbolic resonance of images, or the rhythmic dance of poetic techniques. This book provides a historical viewpoint, following the history of literary techniques through the annals of English literature. It emphasizes the instruments’ continuing significance, demonstrating how writers throughout periods and cultures have used them to fascinate, inspire, and express significant truths.

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Dr. Padmalochana R,
Mrs. Adhisakthi P K,
Mrs. Pushpalatha B V

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