Health Care Administration And Management


The administration and management of hospitals are the primary topics covered in this book. The administration and management of a hospital is a duty that is both difficult and complicated. Communication, issue solving, decision making, capacity development, and cost control all need considerable amounts of effort from hospital administrators and managers at all levels. This book covers topics including hospital management and administration, hospital organization and services, hospital support services, hospital regulations, and the human aspect of healthcare. It covers topics such as hospital administration, management principles, management functions, healthcare organization, hospital committees, the hospital medical records department, biomedical engineering services, nursing services, biomedical waste management, the material management wing, pharmacy services, the finance department, the security wing, the housekeeping department, the central sterilization and supply department, the human element in health care, and a career as a hospital administrator. The book provides an introduction to healthcare management that is brief, reader-friendly, and covers a broad range of healthcare settings. These settings include hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. capture the reader’s imagination while at the same time completely covering the major problems in healthcare administration, such as ethics, information technology, cost management, strategic planning and marketing, and human resources,
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Smt. Bani Chakraborty, Mr. Avratanu Chakraborty, Sumit Nayek, Dr. Devendra Kumar Sinha

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