Highway Traffic Analysis And Design


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Provides a thorough approach to the issues that civil engineers face on a daily basis in the realm of highways, and is well praised for its accessibility and breadth of information. This book provides the foundational information necessary for a career in transportation while also preparing learners for real-world experience with an emphasis on real-life implementations and contemporary methodologies. Students will gain the knowledge necessary to evaluate and address the issues experiencing the highway system while being introduced to a wide range of related topics, including highway engineering as well as traffic assessment, road vehicle effectiveness, traffic flow as well as highway competence, pavement design, journey demand, as well as traffic predicting. The book’s purpose is to introduce readers to engineering management by exploring the social, economics, as well as political factors that shape the field. Aspects like geometric pattern, Highway Capacity Manual procedures, and traffic light timing get a lot of attention, as do theoretically essential ones like the basics of traffic monitoring and the economic models behind transportation demand modelling. This book covers topics like Elements of Traffic Engineering, IRC standards, Highway capacity and levels of service, PCU concept, Traffic Engineering Theories, Elements of design, Traffic regulation and control, Highway Intersection, Traffic signals, Geometric elements highways and expressways, Traffic Safety etc.

Prof. Nikhil T R, Dr. Atul Bhatore, Dr. Kalyana Chakravarthy P R, Prof. Shreyans Kumar Jain






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