Hospital Administration and Management: A Comprehensive Guide


In an era of fast advances in medical research, new technology, and changing patient requirements, good hospital management and administration have become critical to providing efficient, high-quality healthcare services. “Hospital Management and Administration” is a comprehensive and necessary resource for healthcare workers striving to flourish in the complex realm of hospital administration. The book begins by delving into the fundamentals of hospital administration, setting the platform for readers to understand the basic ideas of leadership, strategic planning, and organizational growth. It offers readers with the skills needed to create revolutionary change and promote a culture of continuous improvement, with a focus on evidence-based practices. This book goes into financial methods, budgeting procedures, and income production models geared to the healthcare sector. Furthermore, it sheds light on the complexity of healthcare insurance, payment systems, and cost-control mechanisms, providing advice on how to maximize financial sustainability while providing excellent patient care. This book takes a deep dive into the implementation of digital solutions in hospital operations, including electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine, and data analytics. This is done in recognition of the transformative potential of technology in the healthcare industry. It equips readers to utilize innovation for long-term success by emphasizing the role of technology in enhancing efficiency and patient outcomes.
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Dr. Ashwani Gupta

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