HUMAN RIGHTS: National- International Perspectives



This book presents a historical view on the conceptual growth of human rights and the institutional framework for the protection of the rights of people in current Indian politics. It is written from the National and International perspective. Within this broader context, the main emphasis of the research is on the function played by the National Human Rights Commission of India ever since the organization’s inception. The following subjects are analyzed in depth throughout the book: human rights from a theoretical standpoint; the formation, structure, and current condition of the National Human Rights Commission; and more.
Understanding what human rights are, why people need them, and why their violation threatens our fundamental survival as human beings is the goal of the book ” Human Rights: National-International Perspectives,” which serves as a primer on the subject. The book covers a wide variety of subjects, and features critical discussions on the legal rights of women, children, forest tribes, disabled individuals, prisoners, and other socially disadvantaged groups whose welfare is heavily neglected and, as a result, requires immediate attention. These groups include women, children, disabled individuals, prisoners, and other socially disadvantaged groups. In addition to covering a vast amount of ground and being an indispensable resource for teaching and research in the classroom, this book educates students on the following topics: What to do when human rights are infringed, Mechanisms of redress and how they may be used

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Dr. Kalpana V. Jawale

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