“Indian Government & Politics” is an all-encompassing examination that delves into the complex terrain of India’s political system, providing readers with a sophisticated comprehension of the country’s governance. This book offers an in-depth examination of the historical development of India’s political institutions and processes, spanning from their inception in antiquity to the present day. Through a meticulous analysis, the text deconstructs the roles that crucial democratic institutions, including the Executive, Parliament, and Judiciary, have played in establishing the political framework of the nation. By conducting an analysis of political parties, electoral mechanisms, and evolving ideologies, a comprehensive viewpoint on the intricacies of Indian politics is presented.Furthermore, the book examines the multifaceted socio-cultural tapestry of India, recognizing the significant influence of religious pluralism, linguistic diversity, and regional identities. Through its examination of environmental issues, socioeconomic disparities, and regional imbalances, the narrative stimulates readers to engage in a critical analysis of the intricate dynamics that influence governance in the largest democracy globally. While providing information, “Indian Government & Politics” also stimulates introspective thought regarding the democratic experiment in India. By perusing its contents, readers are extended an invitation to grasp the dynamic history of democracy in India, thereby cultivating a more profound recognition of the obstacles and prospects that shape the political course of the nation

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Dr. Chidanand. S. Anur

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