India’s National Education Policy 2020: An Overview


India’s National Education Policy 2020 is essentially an all-encompassing framework to manage the improvement of the national academic curriculum. This programme covers the complete educational system of this country, from primary schooling to universities in both rural and urban India. Education is crucial for fostering individual growth, creating a more fair and equitable community, and advancing national progress. India’s continuous rise and worldwide leadership in areas such as economic development, social fairness and equality, scientific progress, national integration, and cultural preservation hinge on the country’s ability to ensure that all of its citizens have access to a high-quality education. For the sake of the person, the community, the nation, and the globe, our country’s great skills and resources should be developed and maximised via universal high-quality education. During the next decade, India will have the world’s largest youth population, and the success of our nation will depend on whether or not we can provide them access to good schools. In addition to providing an overview of India’s National Education Policy 2020, this book also provides a short explanation of that policy from 1986 and discusses such topics as value education and the importance of understanding one’s own and society’s values. The 2020 New Education Policy and the NPE of 1986 are both discussed in the book, along with similarities between the two. The national education policy 2020 places a premium on the integration of assessments and evaluation within the school’s curriculum and pedagogy.
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Dr. R. D. Padmavathy, Swapnali Kulkarni, Rohit Kant Mishra, Dr. Mukti Bapna

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