Industrial Relations and Labour Laws



Industrial Relations and Labour Laws provides a holistic view of the development of industrial relations and the complexities of labour laws, providing a thorough examination of the evolving nature of workplace relationships within an age defined by fast technological developments, globalisation, and changing socio-economic paradigms. This book aims to furnish a significant resource for scholars and practitioners in the field by conducting an exhaustive examination of the historical underpinnings, present-day obstacles, and forthcoming developments. This book is helpful for students who are enrolled in classes that focus on human resources, occupational relations, and legal studies. It can be also come in hand to industry experts with expertise in legal compliance, human resources, as well as industrial relations. The socio-economic ramifications of shifting work landscapes are of interest to policymakers, legal professionals, and academics that are interested in the topic. “Industrial Relations and Labour Laws” surpasses mere theoretical inquiry and serves as an indispensable practical manual that adeptly navigates the intricate dynamics of the modern work environment. It gives people the tools they need to understand the background, deal with the problems of the present, and look forward to where industrial relations and labour laws are likely to go.

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Dr. Srigouri Kosuri

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