Internet of Things & Internet of Energy


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Organizations in both the commercial and governmental sectors may better manage their assets, enhance their performance, and experiment with new business models thanks to the Internet of Things. The Internet of Energy has significant potential to aid an ageing population, enhance energy efficiency, and maximise all forms of transportation since it is a critical tool for connecting gadgets and serving as a general facilitator of the hyper-connected society. Cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, big data, and next-generation wireless networks like 5G all interact well with one another. Issues of identity, trust, privacy, security, are key to the establishment of a successful Internet of Energy ecosystem, which in turn depends on an acceptable legislative framework and a climate of trust. This book provides an authoritative and complete introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE) for IT networking experts. Target audience consists of readers with some familiarity with networking who want to learn the fundamentals of IoT and IoE technologies and their practical applications. Therefore, it is expected that readers will be conversant with fundamental networking ideas and terms. Readers could be networking students or professionals in related industries. These professionals may include network operators, administrators, managers, architects, engineers, analysts, consultants, and others.

Dr. Prateek Nigam, Shantanu Virnave, Jonnalagadda Pavan






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