Introduction To Biostatistics And Research Methodology


INTRODUCTION TO BIOSTATISTICS AND RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: A Comprehensive Guide for Health Care Professionals is a precisely written textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate medical, dental, nursing, physiotherapy, clinical psychology and other allied health care profession students. This book contains all the essentials of Biostatistics, research methods, demography and health statistics that lay a good foundation for anyone interested in these subjects. Biostatistics is a biological science and a branch of medicine that involves the processes of collection, collation, analysis, interpretation, presentation of health and health related information that may lead to conclusion and decision making. Biostatistics therefore embraces those techniques pertaining to health and health related sciences. This text book is a comprehensive, user friendly and easy to read resource on Biostatistics and Research Methodology. It is meant for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and allied biomedical sciences (Dental, Nursing, Psychology, AYUSH, Nutrition, MSc and PhD students). Health researchers, research supervisors and faculty members may find it useful as a reference book.
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Mr. Pavan Kumar Krosuri, Dr. Rohini Karunakaran, Dr. J. Naveena Lavanya Latha, Dr. Vasavi Devi Dasari

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