Introduction To Cyber Security, Forensics And Cyber Laws


Businesses, organisations, governments, society, and individuals have all benefited from this new internet. New problems have arisen as a result of these enhancements: one of the most pressing concerns is that of maintaining adequate levels of safety. Cybersecurity refers to the protection of the Internet and digital networks in order to stay ahead of the rapid development of cyber technologies, more study is needed, and new cybersecurity approaches and tools must be created to protect these evolving online spaces. This book is an attempt to educate readers about cybersecurity by describing its history, discussing its present state of affairs, and outlining potential solutions to the problems it faces. This book’s purpose is to educate the public on the dangers posed by cybercrime and help them develop strategies to protect themselves against online assaults. Nowadays, the entire globe is moving towards the world of information Technology. But we are almost unaware of this new upcoming world. Through the medium of this book, we have tried to introduce you to this new world-its components, features and drawbacks. Crimes related to this are referred to as Cyber Crimes
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Dr. Vasantha Kumara M, Mr. Annaiah H, Mr. Thirthe Gowda MT, Mr. Niranjana Kumara M

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