Introduction to Marketing Management


Successful marketing management requires the creation and implementation of strategic marketing programs, procedures, and activities in line with broader corporate goals, all the while drawing on consumer insights, monitoring metrics, and improving internal processes. Management in the field of marketing focuses on the formulation, development, and implementation of tactics devised to further the organization’s overarching goals. There are many different types of business goals, such as expanding the company’s customer base or expanding into new markets. To maximize earnings and advance organizational goals, firms need competent marketing management that guarantees high levels of consumer involvement, product attractiveness, and focused marketing campaigns. Without good management, you may spend years getting the product ready for launch, yet you would still run into problems. Marketing management guarantees you have a firm grasp on the specifics of your target audience’s wants and needs from the get-go, even down to preferred hues and box dimensions. It’s possible that without it, people won’t even be interested in buying your stuff. If you’ve spent a great deal of effort perfecting your product or service, the correct procedures will guarantee that it reaches your intended audience via the appropriate channels at the optimal moment. Good marketing management is the key to turning a profit in any business. An effective marketing strategy is crucial for survival in today’s cutthroat business climate. This aids in the formation of plans to increase earnings and decrease product costs. Distribution and retailing have been supplanted by marketing management.
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Dr. Megha Sharma, Dr. M. Sumetha, Dr. S.Jayakani, Dr. S.Vennila Fathima Rani

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