Life Science: The Beginning Of Life


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The life sciences have always been regarded as one of the most important branches of science. Due to the exponential growth in the amount of scientific knowledge as well as the pace at which new discoveries are generated, it is necessary to have information and a comprehension of it that is highly detailed, inter-disciplinary, and up to date. The books of Life Sciences are the best entry point for someone willing to enter the ocean of enormous knowledge of the life and related incidence occurred in the timeline. It is written in clear and concise language to enhance self-motivation and strategic learning skill of the students and empower them with a mechanism to measure and analyze their abilities and the confidence of winning. It is an attempt to provide an extraordinary large amount of information from an enormous and ever-growing field in a form that is easily retrievable. Text and pictures both received the same amount of significance in the description of content. The additional figures included in the book help readers better grasp the material. At the same time, images are free of unnecessary information since they have the potential to divert attention away from the primary focus of the figure. In order to make the book simpler to read over its several iterations, we have maintained the quality aspects that surely will ease a reader’s journey.

Dr. Saqib Rishi, Dr. Biplab Kumar Das, Dr. Anita Chauhan, Dr. Archana Murlidhar Chaudhari






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